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At this time of transition in our industry, we understand that the emerging independent music scene is a driving force and we are thrilled to participate and work on independent projects, offering artists competitive rates. Lurssen Mastering has always been active in servicing and supporting the independent music scene.

We Offer Competitive Rates For Independent Projects

Lurssen Mastering is a strong supporter of the Independent Music Community. Please give us a call or fill out our quote form and we will find a way to work within your budget.


This Week's Featured Artists


"SEAGOAT," the self titled debut album of the Los Angeles-based electronic band is now available at SoundCloud, and pay-as-you-wish at Bandcamp. Buzzbands review says, "It’s 37 minutes of electronic finery, fastidiously arranged and featuring mood-shifting synths that range from leaden to featherweight." Produced by Neal Harris, mixed by Neal Harris and Jeremy Carberry. Check it out.