Mastering is about the art of balance. Over the course of 23 years we have developed the tools to get the very best out of a mix and in so doing, have been able to carefully streamline the process that allows us to work on budget and on deadline - while making no compromises.

Lurssen Mastering is a world-renowned multi Grammy award-winning mastering studio. We have mastered many gold and platinum records and have received a number of industry awards. In addition to the Grammys earned and proudly displayed by Lurssen Mastering, numerous songs worked on by the team have been nominated for Oscars over the years and several have won this prestigious award.

Owner Gavin Lurssen has focused his energies on learning the importance of signal flow: cleaning the chain of unnecessary electronics and amplifiers, focusing on digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital technology and the gain structure that accompanies the process. These and other sensitivities have been built into the Lurssen Mastering studios to create an environment in which the engineer’s response to any particular style of music is matched with the appropriate equipment needed to get the job done.

As a big supporter of the independent music community we offer competitive rates for independent projects. Please give us a call or fill out our quote form and we will find a way to work within your budget.

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