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"Each mastering engineer generally designs their own gear for true transparency. Lurssen Mastering's equipment chain is all customized with emphasis on a combination of tube and solid-state analog processing gear. The mastering engineer's chain is a very intricate look at EQ and limiting and it also takes into account the gain structure of the audio going through the gear."

Mix Magazine - Lurssen Mastering

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Gavin Lurssen: "Very few records these days have the kind of narrative arc that this record had. It was very noticeable and it struck me when I was working on it."

Music Connection - Mastering Insights - October 2016

What are some of the biggest challenges facing emerging mastering engineers, aside from budgets?
Getting a seat at the table. It’s a different world now and many more people are mastering. The tools are far more affordable. . . .
Tape Op Magazine - June 2016
Gavin talks about mastering in today's world.

TRecipient of the 2015 Pensado Master of Mastering Award for best mastering engineer. - Sep 30, 2015
SXSW, Austin, Texas, March 17-22, 2015. The AES was invited for the first time to take part in one of the top music events worldwide. Another highlight was the "Demystifiying Mastering" panel, moderated by Grammy-winning engineer Gavin Lurssen.
Washington, D.C. - P&E Wing Pensado Capitol Jam
Hundreds of aspiring producers and engineers filled the historic Howard Theater for the Pensadl Capitol Jam presented by the Recording Academy Wahsington, D.C. Chapter and the Producers & Engineers Wing®.
Mastering the Remaster.
ATC Monitors, the Choice of Multi-Grammy-Winners Ainlay, Lurssen . . .
With three Grammy wins and one Latin Grammy win already to his name, renowned mastering engineer Gavin Lurssen has been nominated for yet another Grammy Award this year in the category Best Engineered Album for mastering The Way I’m Livin’ by country music singer Lee Ann Womack (which is also up for Best Country Album). He shares the nomination with fellow Grammy-winner Chuck Ainlay, who recorded and mixed the album using ATC SCM25A active three-way near-field monitors.

Berklee Alumni Nominated for 19 Grammy Awards - November 2014

Production Power Trio Tackle Titanfall Gaming OST with ATC Monitoring
“We all came to these monitors from different paths - writing, mixing, and mastering, which I think is testament to their versatility as a range." Stephen Barton - Composer, Titanfall
"Gavin Lurssen, chief mastering engineer at Lurssen Mastering, whose sought-after skill-set brought the Titanfall original soundtrack production to its natural conclusion."
"Universal Music Group and the Harrison family are proud to announce that George Harrison’s first six solo albums, released between 1968 and 1975 on The Beatles’ Apple Records label, have been digitally remastered from the original analogue masters for CD and digital release on 22 September by UMG."

"The six albums have been digitally restored and remastered at Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles by a GRAMMY® Award-winning team of engineers including Paul Hicks, Gavin Lurssen, and Reuben Cohen."

Joseph Arthur's "Lou" - An Artist's Tribut to Unforgettable Songs.
“These guys are both storytellers,” Lurssen says. “We needed to make sure the listener focuses on the vocal performances, and the acoustic sounds supporting these vocals. That meant nothing oversaturated, nothing overcooked...

Documentary on making of Capparezza's album Museica, April, 2014

Professional Mixes from your project studio - common mistakes, immediate solutions at AES Berlin, April 26.
Masters With a Plan: Four engineers talk music, mentoring and hi-res formats. Engineers, Gavin Lurssen, Joe Palmacio, Michael Romanowski and Andrew Mendelson talk to Mix Magazine about their views on mastering.
Pensado's Place interview - January 2014

The recent Grammy celebrations provided excellent opportunities for industry leaders to get together and share ideas. As part of this, Gavin and Reuben appeared on Pensado's Place to talk about the field of mastering.


Mix Magazine - December 2012 - Mastering The Gamut: A Balanced Approach to Compilation Projects Compilations can be challenging for mastering engineers. They have to create a cohesive listening experience, with smooth transitions between tracksmade by different musicians,in different studios and formats, by different engineers and mixers.