Gavin Lurssen

Mastering Tools...

We use very intricately and carefully designed tools to dig into the audio. Balanced and competitive audio mastering is what Lurssen Mastering provides to all of our clients.

Gavin Lurssen
Chief Mastering Engineer

Gavin Lurssen has been a mastering engineer since 1991 and has been in the forefront of and contributor to the many technical developments that have taken place in the industry over the past two decades.

Gavin is a nine-time Grammy nominee and has won four Grammys. His Grammys include two for Album Of The Year for  "Raising Sand," performed by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss and produced by T Bone Burnett, and the soundtrack of  "O Brother Where Art Thou?"  He also won in Best Historical category for his work on the box set that accompanied the PBS television series," Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues," and he was awarded a Latin Grammy for his work on Diego Torres' album "Distinto." Raising Sand also won Gavin and Lurssen Mastering two TEC awards for outstanding facility and for mastering.

Gavin has mastered albums for artists such as Foo Fighters, Ben Harper, Queens Of The Stone Age, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Eric Clapton, Miranda Lambert, Rickie Lee Jones and Elvis Costello and Ryan Adams - to name just a few. In addition to working with these artists, Gavin also has worked on the soundtracks of the video game, Titanfall, the movies, Cars 1 & 2, Tangled, the Nashville TV series, The Hunger Games, Crazy Heart and Ratatouille, amongst others.

Lurssen Mastering has always supported the independent music community - something that Gavin has done since the inception of his career. He feels that technology advancements have a positive effect on the arts in that the more people can express themselves artistically in an affordable manner, the more it leads to a healthy industry.

Gavin is a graduate of The Berklee College of Music in Boston and is a recipient of their Distinguished Alumni Award for his achievements in mastering.

Gavin regularly leads and takes part in discussion panels throughout the United States and internationally through organizations like SXSW, The Recording Academy and AES, amongst others.  He has served three terms on the LA Chapter of the Board of Governors of The Recording Academy (The Grammys) as the chair of the Education Committee, leading meetings with members of congress to help secure and enhance artists' royalty rights. He also is a regular contributor and author of many articles and interviews in the trade magazines.
Eager to advance the music production industry and especially to assist young people choosing a career in the field, Gavin performs volunteer work for several notable organizations. Many students approach him for advice and guidance as they start their careers in the music industry.

A mastering engineer offers a specialty position, a lot of human experience. He or she can advise the artist on the tonal structure of the music. The mastering engineer offers gear that goes much deeper than a piece of software.